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Commercial properties are a great investment which earns you great returns. However, a commercial property that does not has a high curb appeal can damage your brand image significantly. Your business is evaluated by its image and how great impressions it creates. If you do not have an aesthetically appealing business space, your clients are likely to perceive you as a negligent business. From choosing the right paints for your exterior walls to setting the right colour palette for your interiors, commercial painting is the key to ensure your commercial property is as appealing as your business offerings.

Commercial painting, however, is not a simple project. It requires a great sense of colours, knowledge of paints and painting techniques as well as the availability of painting equipment to ensure that the property appears impressive. This is where Irs Painting comes as your resort. Our commercial painter Melbourne can be trusted for painting your commercial spaces in the most notable manner. With our professional services, you will receive much appreciation for your aesthetic appeal and garner great business relationships that are based on your impressions.

Commercial Painting Service includes
Commercial painting is a comprehensive branch of painting which includes painting services from diverse nature. Commercial buildings are tricky to paint considering their size, nature of business and suitability with the business. Commercial painting serves to the painting requirements of a range of businesses including Restaurants, Office Buildings, Manufacturing Sites, Hospitality / Hotels / Motels, Industrial Buildings, Schools and Universities, Amusement and Recreational Facilities, Retail Stores, Condo and Apartment Buildings, Homes for Realty Businesses, Healthcare and so on.

At Irs Painting you can avail a range of services under our commercial painting offerings including electrostatic painting, faux-finishing, epoxy flooring, sandblasting, interior and exterior painting, colour guidance, wood and more. You can discuss the requirements with the professional commercial painting Melbourne services providers and get a package that has the right set of services suitable for your property.

Benefits of hiring a professional Commercial Painter Melbourne
Commercial painting is a job that is best handled by the professionals, the commercial painters would be able to understand your business concept and offer bespoke painting services for your commercial spaces. Commercial painting Melbourne, when done right, has a significant effect on your business’s image and appeal. Here are a few benefits that you get when you engage a professional commercial painter Melbourne:
Cutting edge technology

Commercial painting has evolved significantly and thanks to the latest technologies, painting a commercial building efficiently is now possible. However, the technology is expensive and not an investment option you would like to assess. The professional commercial painters Melbourne, however, have these technologies with them to offer high-quality commercial painting results.


Expert commercial painters Melbourne know the techniques of painting and how to handle a commercial project. An unprofessional painter might not be able to deliver as good results as you can expect from a professional commercial painter.

Save resources

Time, money and efforts are the most important resources for any business. Commercial painting services providers understand this to the core and ensure they offer you great results in a stipulated time and at a cost-effective price.

Comprehensive services

Painting is a comprehensive job including several stages. From prep work to painting and post-work cleaning, commercial painting Melbourne Company ensures the entire process is carried out in the most efficient way.

Irs Painting offers you the best commercial painting services. We are a team of professional commercial painters Melbourne, readily available to handle your commercial painting projects with great efficiency.

Why choose IRS Painting for Commercial Painter Melbourne?

At Irs Painting, we take pride to be the top-rated commercial painting company in Melbourne. We are trusted by several businesses of diverse nature for their commercial painting requirements. Our ability to understand the customers’ requirements and offer customised services in line with the business concept makes us the most reliable painters in the region. We offer an extensive range of painting services and are capable of painting commercial spaces of all sizes and type

We value your property as much as you do and ensure that we offer safe painting services that offer great impressions. You can rely on us for cost-effective and professional commercial painting Melbourne and have aesthetically impressive commercial properties to make great impressions on your clients.
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