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Industrial Painting in Melbourne

Industrial Painting is a way to make your industrial premises more safe and strong. While the paint is often considered as an aesthetical element, it actually acts as a layer of protection for your industrial properties. With right industrial painting Melbourne, it is possible to safeguard the property from a range of risks including chemical spills, stains, and many others according to the nature of the industry. Professional industrial painters understand the scope of painting for your property and offer you the most suitable services. Moreover, industrial spaces are big and the different areas of the building require a different type of paint and finish. While aesthetical appreciation is one of our key focus, we also ensure that the paint on the walls enhances the functionality and performance of the workers in the industrial unit.

Regardless of the size and nature of the building, the painters at IRS Painting offers you the best solutions and ensure that your industrial building has the perfect coat of high-quality paint on its interior and exterior walls. We understand the value of spray coating for your industrial building and ensure that we deliver results par satisfaction.

Industrial Painting Service includes

We offer the best industrial painting in Melbourne to a range of industries including Painting for Railroads, Refineries, Power & Energy Plants, Manufacturing Plants, Ethanol Plants, Oil & Gas Terminals, Mines, Terminal Painting and more. The services we offer include:

  • Sandblasting & Abrasive Blasting
  • Dry Ice Blasting
  • Vapour Assisted Sand Blasting
  • Vapour Assisted Sandblasting in Remote Areas
  • Sponge Blasting
Rust and Corrosion control services
  • Heavy Industrial
  • Industrial Exterior Painting
  • Rust Encapsulation
  • Tank Painting
  • Sponge Blasting
  • Pipe Coatings
  • Bridge Painting
  • Structural Steel Painting
  • Painting of Metal Catwalks, Stairs, Railings, & Ladders
  • Logo Painting

Our industrial painters Melbourne can offer you a customized package with the services that are most suitable for your industry and painting needs.

What qualities to look for in a professional Industrial Painter Melbourne?

Industrial painting is a complicated job which requires detail-specific work and a lot of skills to fulfil the requirements of the client. You cannot trust any random painter to offer you a perfect job in accordance to your needs and requirements. The professional commercial painter in Melbourne must be able to understand your requirements and value your property to the most. Here is how you can identify that the painter you are engaging is the best one for your industrial painting project:

The first thing to notice is the experience of the painter. It is important that the painter you hire has more than seven years of experience in painting industrial setups. Industrial painting Melbourne demands skills and ability to work in harsh conditions and one must understand all these aspects before they offer you the required services.
The way an industrial painting company in Melbourne treats you as a customer is the first sign of assessing them. The painters must show traits like punctuality, time management and utmost importance to customer service.
The industrial painters you engage for the project must have knowledge about the painting and an eye for details. Also, they must possess all the latest equipment and technology that enables them to offer services par excellence. At irs painting, we proudly possess all these traits and present ourselves as the best industrial painting melbourne company.
Get Your Free Quote
Feel free to contact us at any time!
Get Your Free Quote
Feel free to contact us at any time!

Why Choose IRS Painting For Industrial Painter Melbourne?

We take pride in being the most trusted and professional industrial painting services providers in the region. Our eye for details and the workmanship of our industrial painters makes us one of the most reliable and result-oriented painting company. We have a team of dedicated industrial painters who perform every job to offer perfection. We value your property like our own and ensure that the painting offers you satisfaction at par with your requirements and expectations. We also offer cost-effective services which make us a budget-friendly commercial painting services provider. Connect with us to discuss your project details and let us offer you the best services at your budgeted price. We commit that our painters can paint the premises with full efficiency and are well-equipped with technology and equipment that enables them to perform in harsh industrial conditions.

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