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Residential Painting Melbourne

A fresh coat of paint can revive your residential properties to a new-like condition. Whether you have an outdated home or a renovated one, residential painting is the key to enhance its aesthetical appeal. Painting the exterior and interior of your house with the best colours and type of paint is one of the best ways to maintain the value of the property. A freshly painted house has more market value and can earn you a great resale price. Moreover, living in a house which has professionally painted walls offers you a whole different comfort and pleasure.

Engaging professional residential painting services providers is the best decision. The professionals understand the value of the property and offer you the best residential painting in Melbourne. Painting a residential building is no joke. You need all types of skills, equipment and in-depth knowledge to paint a house to perfection. Residential painting experts have all these features and thus are the best candidates to trust for your residential projects. IRS Painting is one of the most trustworthy companies offering residential painting in Melbourne. You can trust us for your property and have a house with perfect colours on its walls.

Residential Painting Services Includes

At IRS Painting, we offer you an extensive range of residential painting services for all your house painting needs. Our services are designed to help you improve your home and enhance its aesthetic appeal inside and out. Our residential painting services comprises:

This includes painting the bathrooms, kitchens, cabinets, dining rooms, living rooms, shelving, ceilings, game rooms, pantries, hallways, bedrooms, garages and more

Exterior painting services comprises homes, garages, outbuildings and sheds, barns, playhouses, doors, shutters, trim and more

Garage floor painting, Deck & fence painting, Eco-friendly painting, Pressure washing. We are the best company to trust for residential painting in Melbourne and enjoy a range of painting services at a cost-effective price.

Residential painting is the key to maintain your property and its value. Interior and exterior painting are the two key aspects of residential painting. Both types of painting are different from each other in terms of nature and requirements.The professional painting services providers understand the difference between the two and offer you services accordingly.
Interior painting services are more focused on creating impressions and offering functionality. The painters offering residential painting in Melbourne would assess your interior areas and identify the right paint, finish, colour and technique of painting accordingly.

In addition to creating impressions and enhancing functionality, exterior painting services also ensures that the outer walls are sturdy enough to undergo the torment of various elements. The outer walls are exposed to a range of elements and exterior paint acts as an additional layer of protection. The residential painting services provider would assess the climate and conditions in your region to guide you about the best paint selection.

Our paint consultants can help you find the best colour for your property and residential painters would ensure that the same is applied on different surfaces with utmost perfection. We are determined to paint different surfaces of your house in an efficient way to ensure that your house radiates your true personality.

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Why choose IRS Painting for Residential Painter Melbourne?

IRS Painting is a leading painting company offering the best residential painting in Melbourne. We are a team of expert residential painters with extensive experience in painting different types of properties. Our excellence can be determined with the number of successful painting projects that we have handled previously. The extent of efficiency and perfection that we bring into our job is the key reason why you must engage with us. Whether it is an interior painting project or exterior painting job, we are well-equipped and well prepared to handle the requirement efficiently.

At IRS Painting, we value your hard-earned money and ensure that our services fit easily in your budget. Whether you are renovating your home or constructing a new one, a fresh coat of paint brings the perfect finish and an entirely new look. Contact the best residential painting services providers in Melbourne at IRS Painting and discuss your residential painting requirements.

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